Rosa Montero’s reading about Noke

And… this is the version in English of the interview that Simba Schumann has done to Rosa Montero about her book Lacrime nella Pioggia (Lágrimas en la Lluvia, Tears in the Rain) and my installation! ;D

Arte Libera

What a surprise to meet during the opening of “Immersive wor(l)ds” Bruna Husky , main character of “Tears in the rain”, the novel that has inspired Noke Yuitza’s work. Was really her, the combact replicant, with a tatoo that divides her face and then go on in all her body, dividing her (or maybe linking her, as in the book we can read). behind that avatar there was really Rosa Montero, the author of the book, who entered in sl because of that opening. Rosa partecipated to Noke’s work, sending her some mp3s with her personal readings of book’s fragments.

It was my pleasure knowing her and talking with her about her book and Noke’s installation: She is a very friendly person and I profits by her disponibility for making her an interview rich of curiosity and irony.

Did you know something about Secondlife’s art before this experience…

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