Noke’s reading about Rosa Montero

Here it is! The English version of the interview! 😉

Arte Libera

“Tears in the rain” is the title of Rosa Montero’s novel, choosen by Noke Yuitza for her installation for “Immersive wor(l)ds“. I know Noke from many years and she ever fascinated me for her creative impetus. I like to observe her while she works to an installation, with accuracy and care to every details untill the last time. Arte Libera hosted her with pleasure for other two installations and it’s ever an emotion to work with her. This time she has involved me so deep in her work, because she asked me to be her model for three characters of the book, three women in a future world, very different from my common avatar. It was very funny and I was so curious that I’ve red Rosa Montero’s book before the opening for being sure to understand everything I saw.

Two words about Noke: she studies Fine Arts…

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