Follow the white rabbit (Weekly Writing Challenge: From Mundane to Meaningful)


Today I was shocked down by something really curious.

I was struggling with to remain some changes fixed on my last entry when, suddenly, Firefox‘s window was gray and appeared a strange message with a countdown saying, in few words, that all my files were going to be destroyed and that I was fucked.

Imagine my face of terror: just in matter of few seconds all my stuff was going to disappear if I didn’t present battle against. But how?

Initiating infinite loop eschewal protocol. Self destruct in 3…2…1…

Time over: the counter reached the zero and the window was black. My heart was nearly a heart attack. I didn’t do any backups of my works in the last month. And then…

Wake up.

The Matrix has you, Noke.

Follow the white rabbit.

It has appeared the famous message of The Matrix!

What? “Follow the white rabbit”? I’ve turned arround quick to the door waiting absurdly to someone knocking at it, feeling a bit like Neo on the film.

–Cannot be possible…– I whispered as a mantra, praying not to fall into madness.

Then, in the screen of my computer, appeared another message warming me that the next time I should have to be more careful. No idea what they meant. Be careful with what? Or… with whom?

Yeah, I know how it sounds, really wear, but believe me: it is really true. Maybe it was a hacker’s attack, or a WordPress’s joke, or… maybe was a true call from The Matrix?… Does anyone have the same experience today?

If I see a white rabbit now, I think my rational mind succumb to Calderon de la Barca and his Life is a Dream.



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