Character design for The Defenders Chronicles: The Spectral Wolf


The Defenders is a collaborative open transmedia storytelling developed in many blogs, Flickr and Second Life, mostly by photography, and open to anyone that want to get involved into create fantasy action.

Here you have The Spectral Wolf, one of the characters and part of my contribution to this tale. It was designed for a photo-performance in our Alegria’s Bay (ALEGRIA Studio’s virtual parcel) having in mind the mesh land impact, the parcel prim limitation and lag impact, all them limitations of Second Life virtual world.

Designed, modeled, textured and set in wold by myself using Blender, ZBrush, Photoshop and Second Life’s Editor.

Filmed in Alegria’s Bay, Pegasoi sim, Second Life.

Read more here!

Song “Dark City”, music by Jason

The Defenders Chronicles - The Spectral Wolf


Relaying against cancer with a Rusted Heart at the Fantasy Faire 2015 in Second Life


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Last week started the Fantasy Faire in Second Life, the most big an amazing event related to fantasy organized by Relay for Life to collect funds for the American Cancer Society, where a lot of designers and artists among others collaborate to this cause donating items to help to rise funds.

You will find me there participating with ALEGRIA Studio as fantasy designer at Aurora Sim and since a day ago also as artist at Ichi-go Ichi-e Sim, with a second little art scene to present my Rusted Heart Avatar, from my installation Love is a Battlefield, and some pictures from this and my other installations Tears in Rain and Comic Girl:

100% of the sales of these items will be donated to the American Cancer Society, so please visit in world and buy a lot!!! 😉

Taxi: Noke Yuitza art scene and gallery in Fantasy Faire 2015

Taxi: ALEGRIA Studio art scene and store in Fantasy Faire 2015


Avatar Rusted Heart

Avatar “Rusted Heart” (by Noke Yuitza; photocredit Alpha Auer)

This avatar is the Rusted Heart, one of the characters in “Love is a Battlefield”, my surreal cyberpunk art installation for The Museo del Metaverso (in Craft Virtual World). These damaged hearts in battle are taken by Drones Collectors under the watch of the Great Collector. But, why is it collecting rusted hearts?

The Rusted Heart Avatar is an exclusive item for Fantasy Fair 2015 that you only will be able to get in the Auction. You can wear it as avatar or use it as decoration for your place. 100% of the sale of this item will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

Watch a preview of Love is a Battlefield from min. 3:07 to 3:34:

Why I Relay?

My grandma passed away at the beginning of this year due lung cancer. She had it for years, but It was too late when doctors visit her. She was not a smoker, as her sister, that also died due lung cancer a year before. She was born into difficult times and suffer the Spanish civil war. She was of the type of never complain due pain. And she was my family pillar.

I was raised by her. I came to life with her 2 years ago, when we knew she had cancer. We born same day, same month, but in a different era.

In my first incursions with science communication using Second Life, I had the pleasure to organize some debates and lectures about cancer, from a research and social point of view. I’ve never forget the words of the patient that came to talk about her experience, about how is to live with cancer and about the importance for patients to be treated with normality.

One never think how important is until it touch one… but I believe in people’s power to change things and turn them into wonders. Just taking action. We are not as alone as we think 😉

I guess this is why I relay.

I want “to see an end to the heartache this devastating disease cause”, as Duchess Flux says.


“Love is a Battlefield” in The Museo del Metaverso in Craft Virtual World


Drones capturing rusted hearts in LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD

Drones capturing rusted hearts in LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD

If you have a rusted heart, be careful with the drone collectors ;)…

Some days ago the MdM (Museo del Metaverso) reopened in Craft with some cool artists coming from Second Life and Hypergrid. You can visit its website to see some photos and get the Land Marks-taxi and I recommend to you to click in”Artists” in the main menu cause the list its the huge enough to don’t display the entire submenu of artists in all screens.

Mine is the following one: Love is a Battlefield. In my line of dreaming the future with some surreal cyberpunk style, I’ve created some drones collecting rusted hearts. It’s inside my DREAM saga, as you will recognize by one of its characters. There are 3: the rusted hearts, the drone collectors and the great collector. You can turn yourself in one of the characters, the rusted heart, and be part of the installation by getting the avatar as gift at the shop of the MdM.

Avatar Rusted Heart

Avatar “Rusted Heart” (by Noke Yuitza; photocredit Alpha Auer)

Some extra data: my avatar during the MdM opening was the drone collector carrying a heart. The drone is my ALEGRIA Dream Mask that you saw in La Metallique Fair, The Sea of Cubic Dreams during the performances and these days in ArtFest’15 in Second Life.

Enjoy 😉



The ALEGRIA Studio is a recently formed studio in Second Life by a group of professionals in the field of New Media Art and Communication, dedicated to the production and design of cultural and educative projects in virtual environments. Although this is going to be the first project of the studio in a metaverse platform, all members have an extended experience in the world of the arts in real and virtual worlds.

Springs blossom into a brand new project: The ALEGRIA Studio.

And we have started to work into what will be our first project: Theater Night’s Dream. You can see in world a preview of it in Art in Hats 2014, where we participate with the hats of some of our main characters, and the Art Game installation The Sea of Cubic Dreams in LEA25 from summer to the end of 2014.

Dream, opening Monday 17 at 1.30 PM


FLYER Dream (By Noke Yuitza for Arte Libera)

A woman sleeps embracing her pillow and  her transparent  alter ego embraces her, while another part of her looks at both with lovely eyes. She is good, she feel her complete. It will be the same when she’ll wake up?

Simba Schumann, Arte Libera gallerist, during Dream presentation.

Thirza Ember interviewed yesterday Simba and me in Life is but a Dream about today’s opening of Dream, my new media art installation for Arte Libera in Second Life. Dream comes after Trinity and is the second part of a trilogy of installations versed in the concept of the trinity. Dream talks about the necessity of to love and be loved, of to feel that inner hole, that absence, specially in night-time, as Joaquin Sabina sing in 19 días y 500 noches.

See you there! 😉

Opening: Monday 17 at 1.30 PM.

With folk and celtic music display by Storm Blauvelt.

Dream music loop sound, concept and CG design by Noke Yuitza.

Taxi LM in Second Life:

"Dream", by Noke Yuitza, virtual art installation (photo credit Thirza Ember)

“Dream”, by Noke Yuitza, virtual art installation (photo credit Thirza Ember)

“Inner Abyss” in Singularity Tribe’s Halloween Stage Fright


Hidden as a dark hideous animal behind the bushes, our fears awaits for us to fall into our own abyss. The beast growls while watching us walking by the edge of the abyss, hoping to hunt us when we abandon our hopes and fall. We know it is there, but the pain is so strong that we feel attracted by the call of the beast. We are facing dangerous our inner hole, feeding our nightmares while waiting perhaps for that miracle that would save us.

But the dry soil cracks and we start dancing in the air the fall into Inner Abyss.

Inner Abyss is the CG art installation stage I’ve made for Singularity Tribe’s Halloween Festival. The beast emerges and approaches us hidden, as happens with most of ours fears, while we are in agony falling into that deep abyss that is probably well know by some of us. We are alone facing our monster and If we will defeat the beast or die in its jaws, it’s only something the abyss can say.

During this long weekend, you will to experiment live electronica music events starting at 4pm SLT until 12 am SLT to combat the beast in your Inner Abyss at…

Location in Second Life: Inner Abyss at Singularity Halloween Stage

INNER ABYSS Singularity Halloween Stage

All inside the Stage Fright Global Halloween Festival in Second Life, where there will be a lot of events, games, haunts, music and more 😉

Further information about the Festival: Stage Fright Global Halloween Festival in Facebook

Song: Momo (instrumental version)


Near to the coast, protected by celtic ruins, there’s a memory device that opens the door to ancient myths and waits for you to activate it with the secret word.


Wild sea, night, hood, fresh air, peace, ruins that evoke memories of past and future… I had a dream one day and do this song as a gift in replay for a friend that loves celtic culture some months ago. Enjoy!

Tir Na Nog's Shells, by Noke

Tir Na Nog’s Shells, by Noke.

Premiere of “TIR NA NOG, The Ethereal Dyu” in MadPeas Art Festival (via Cyber Renaissance)


Dyu Flower (Tir Na Nog, The Ethereal Dyu, by Morlita Quan and Noke Yuitza)

“Tir Na Nog, The Ethereal Dyu”, by Morlita Quan and Noke Yuitza.
Composition and modeling in Blender 2.6, textures in Blender 2.6 and Photoshop CS5, rendered in real time in Second Life.
This is the “Dyu Flower”, a part of the stage “The Ethereal Dyu” of our Performing and CG Arts project Tir Na Nog. You can enjoy and interact with this flower in the premieres we have in MadPeas Art Festival and in the 10th Anniversary of Second Life, both into the social game Second Life.

TIR NA NOG, The Ethereal Dyu Premiere in MadPea Art Festival

Once upon a time, in the World After Seas, Niska, Goddess of Water, fell in love into an impossible romance with ethereal Dyu, God of Elements. What will you do if you where them? Will you challenge the Moon?

It’s our pleasure to invite you today to TIR NA NOG, The Ethereal Dyu, our special collage for the MadPea Art Festival in Second Life, a première of what you will see in LEA10. What you see here is a part of a scene of TIR NA NOG: As the God of Elements, Dyu balance the Gods of Fire, Air, Earth and Water keeping them in harmony. One day, Niska discovers his secret temple by serendipity through a coralline hood and she felt for fist time what’s love.

Time: Saturday at 2pm PMT, starting with Jordan Reyne live in concert
Location: TIR NA NOG, The Ethereal Dyu in MadPea Art Festival


Morlita Quan & Noke Yuitza
Performing & CG Art Team
The Cyber Renaissance


“Time to die” of Tears in Rain in LEA10 with Morlita Quan’s electronica music jam session


FLYER TEARS IN RAIN, TIME TO DIE live music performance by Morlita Quan

TIME TO DIE live music performance by Morlita Quan to put the end to Tears in Rain cyberart installation in LEA10.

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like… tears in rain. Time to die.

Blade Runner.

This is not the end of Bruna Husky, the detective female replicant of Rosa Montero‘s Tears in Rain, but yes of its installation in LEA10, that already resisted its expiration day for twice and that was open to public last days of december’12. Let’s say “hasta la vista” to Tears in Rain installation with the Flying Electronica live music of DJ Morlita Quan and with a tribute to one of the most popular dialogs of the history of cinema: Blade Runner’s Tears in Rain soliloquy.

Thanks again to all people that did possible this installation and to visitors. Enjoy!

Time: Sunday 04/14/2013 at 01.30 pm SLT (21.30h UCT)
Location: “The Beauty” Stage in TEARS IN RAIN – LEA10


Tears in Rain (LEA10): Follow the path


TEARS IN RAIN, Stage 02 - Fragment 16, The Beauty.© noke, 2012.

TEARS IN RAIN, Stage 02 – Fragment 16, The Beauty.
© noke, 2012.

One can easy get lost in a huge intervention and project as is Tears in Rain, so this note is a short cut to all the scenes included in this surreal cyberpunk intervention, inspired in Rosa Montero’s book Tears in Rain.

Enjoy the adventure!

Land Marks and Teleports

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Tears in Rain, LEA10: Robotic Wars


This gallery contains 28 photos.

From BURN2 to LEA10, the Robotic Wars have started. Visit them at: Stage 02, Fragment 03, file #6B-138: “Robotic Wars” Meet the Factions! Join yours!! Editor of the CAUSE: Lora Lowenstark Replicant Faction: Simba Schumann (leader) Brune BB Crash Queen … Continue reading

“Los Falsos”, Fragmento N06 de la memoria de Bruna Husky


Tears in Rain, New Media Art installation

 Fragmento de memoria nº06 de Bruna Husky – “Los Falsos”

La detective ya había oído hablar de esta exposición y nunca hubiera venido a verla por sí misma. Le irritaba el fenómeno de los Falsos, que eran la última moda dentro del arte plástico. Críticos pedantes y estetas delirantes habían decretado que la impostura era la manifestación artística más pura y radical de la modernidad, la vanguardia del siglo XXII. Los artistas más cotizados del momento eran todos falsificadores de éxito cuyas obras pasaron por auténticas durante cierto tiempo.

Lágrimas en la Lluvia, de Rosa Montero; pàg. 86.

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Bastianini, Meegeren, De Hory y Myatt… estos son cuatro de los más notables y famosos falsificadores de arte que he elegido para realizar el fragmento de Los Falsos en el MKAC. Todos dotados de un don especial para la imitación de las técnicas de grandes maestros del arte plástico como Picasso o Monet.

Este fragmento representa el primer encuentro en el libro de Montero entre Bruna Husky y Pablo Nopal, el ex-memorista que investiga la detective replicante sospechoso de piratear la memoria de diversos tecnohumanos para inducirles al suicidio y al homicidio, durante la inauguración de una exhibición artística donde las obras son todas imitaciones de obras originales maestras, todas replicas ensalzadas dentro de una nueva corriente artística: la de los Falsos. Así es como Rosa Montero enfrenta a su personaje con su propia condición, la de replicante de humano, y la tantea utilizando a Pablo Nopal, uno de los mayores eruditos en el campo de escribir las 50 memorias que componen la infancia de los replicantes.

Estamos pues ante un círculo: una replicante, una falsificación de ser humano, que habla de falsificaciones artísticas, réplicas de otras obras, en la representación de una inauguración, mi propio “fake” de como debió ser ese recuerdo de Bruna Husky.

GIOVANNI BASTIANINI (Italia, 1830 – 1869)

FAKE Giovanni Bastianini - Portrait Bust of Girolamo Benivieni

Busto del poeta Girolamo Benivieni por Giovanni Bastianini (1830-68).
Iglesia de San Marco, Florencia, Italia.

Tal vez el falsificador más hábil del mundo del arte. Como artista, su obra se exhibe en la National Gallery, mientras que como falsificador, sus piezas “renacentistas” fueron adquiridas por el Museo del Louvre y el Museo Victoria and Albert. Hoeving cree que hacer exquisitos falsificaciones renacentistas.

Bastianini elaboró un busto del poeta Girolamo Benivieni, que fue exhibido con gran éxito en París, como “escuela de Verrocchio”, fue comprado por el conde de Nieuwerkerke para el Louvre en una subasta por 13.600 fr.

HAN VAN MEEGEREN (Alemania, 1889-1947)

Los discípulos de Emaús (1936), Van Meegeren

Los discípulos de Emaús (1936), Van Meegeren falsificando a Johannes Vermeer.

Una de las falsificaciones más perfectas que existen es Los discípulos de Emaús, de Han Van Meegeren (1936). Van Meegeren usó La cena de Emaús de Caravaggio, localizado en la Pinacoteca de Brera, como modelo para imitar el estilo de Vermeer.

La pintura fue adquirida por la Rembrandt Society por 520.000 florines y en 1938, la obra fue destacada en una exhibición especial en Museo de Róterdam junto a otras 450 obras maestras neerlandesas datadas entre el 1400 y el 1800.

ELMYR DE HORY (Hungría, 1906-1976)

Falsificación de Modigliani pintada por Elmyr de Hory

Dicen que esta falsificación de Modigliani, pintada por Elmyr de Hory, fue vendida por Akass a Marilyn Monroe.

El más prolífico y versátil falsificador, suplantando a artistas como Picasso, Renoir, Modigliani, Matisse, Vlaminck, Derain y Dufy y engañando a las galerías de arte de todo el mundo durante 20 años. Entre 1961 y 1967, Elmyr De Hory afirmó haber falsificado pinturas por valor de unos 60 millones de US$, que vendió a galerías de arte y a millonarios texanos del petróleo. Según su biógrafo, Clifford Irving, hasta el 90% de sus falsificaciones siguen colgando de las paredes de museos y galerías sin ser detectados.

JOHN MYATT (UK, 1946-actualidad)

LEGITIMATE FAKE by John Myatt - Claude Monet, waterlilies,1904

Falso verdadero de John Myatt de la obra de Claude Monet, “Waterlilies”,1904.

En prisión me llamaban Picasso.

Jhon Myatt.

Información sobre el proyecto

Artículos relacionados

TEARS IN RAIN, el proyecto


Intervención artística inspirada en Lágrimas en la Lluvia, de Rosa Montero

Baldini Lucia's interpretation about my "Lacrime nella pioggia" 06

The moment of awakening.


Como un eco, miles de personas conectadas dejan cada día tras de sí una estela que permanece en el ciberespacio mientras están AFK o lejos del teclado. Y esta se expande y crece golosa alimentada por las tecnologías sociales de nuestra era, la Digital. Es lo que se llama “ghost”, un pedazo del espíritu humano que, como una lágrima que se mezcla con la lluvia, conforma una huella virtual común y globalizada y que representa un nuevo tipo de herencia humana. Pero, ¿cómo evolucionará este “ghost” en el futuro?

Tears in Rain es una inmersión en esta pregunta, de manera artística y digital, que encuentra una posible respuesta en el futuro del Madrid de 2109 visualizado por Rosa Montero en su obra Lágrimas en la Lluvia, cuya protagonista es una replicante, donde se abordan temas tan contemporáneos como el de la memoria, las emociones, las relaciones, la guerra, la pobreza, el cambio climático y la polución, el sexo, el racismo, la corrupción, el derecho a la vida y a vivirla con dignidad, la muerte…

Así es como este proyecto recoge algunos de los fragmentos del libro de Montero y los recrea de manera surrealista en un ecosistema virtual, siguiendo la estela del “ghost”, en lo que es, por encima de todo, un canto a la esencia de la vida y a la memoria.


Para su estética, Tears in Rain se inspira en el anime Ghost in the Shell y en la película Blade Runner porque, al igual que Lágrimas en la Lluvia, estas historias ciberpunk presentan un futuro realista y posible que encierra un debate sobre este nuevo tipo de herencia humana.

Concepto y descripción

Tears in Rain es una obra digital en 3D que se muestra y se expande por diversos espacios galerísticos en el mundo virtual de Second Life y cuyo esqueleto está compuesto en tres escenarios principales ligados por el futuro cercano, el presente de 2109 y el futuro lejano: Making of a replicant (Future Communities), Madrid 2109 (Lacrime nella Pioggia) y Alien Humanity. Los tres re-diseñados en base a sus versiones originales diseñadas respectivamente para el SL9B, la Academia de Bellas Artes de Brera y las celebraciones del centenario de la University of Western Australia.

En una concepción in-vitro entre vida orgánica y virtual, sostenida por el concepto de trinidad (orgánico, virtual, espiritual), Making of a replicant presenta el nacimiento de una nueva comunidad de humanos transgénicos: los tecnohumanos o replicantes. Madrid 2109, la parte central de esta intervención artística, sigue la evolución personal y el despertar de Bruna Husky, la replicante protagonista de Lágrimas en la Lluvia. Y Alien Humanity, inspirado en cierta manera en la obra Oneness de Mariko Mori y en un experimento sobre empatía y neuronas espejo, cierra Tears in Rain con una semilla de esperanza sobre lo que viene después del final, después del apocalipsis, con doce apóstoles extraterrestres que intentan recuperar la especie humana con otra concepción artificial.

De manera satélite a estos tres escenarios, se lleva a cabo “I Bruna, I Replicant”, una iniciativa transmedia que es al tiempo un homenaje a la propia Rosa Montero, por su cercanía con sus lectores, así como la representación del momento en el que un lector comienza a empatizar con un personaje.

Colaboración especial de la autora del libro, de sus casas editoriales y de sus lectores

Rosa Montero ha elegido y pone la voz a los fragmentos del escenario 2 y es la Bruna de los fragmentos 01 y 08, las editoriales de Lágrimas en la Lluvia en diferentes idiomas (Seix Barral, Salani Editore, Porto Editora, Amazon Publishing, Éditions MétailéMuza SA….) han cedido el primer capítulo para ser subido y usado en el marco de la exposición y algunos de sus lectores contribuyen con su retrato en “I Bruna, I Replicant” caracterizados como Bruna Husky.

Espacios en Second Life donde se puede visitar Tears in Rain y calendario

Este proyecto artístico intenta tejer una red intercultural entre diversos grupos culturales en Second Life alrededor de los fragmentos del libro de Rosa Montero y, por tanto, está diseminado en los siguientes espacios galerísticos virtuales:

  • Lacrime nella Pioggia, el resumen, en IMPARAFACILE land, espacio del grupo italiano de lectores Libriamo Tutti
  • The Robotic Wars, en BURN2, espacio virtual de la Burning Man (Black Rocks, USA)
  • Tears in Rain, el centro neural, en LEA10, dentro del proyecto Linden Endowment for the Arts
  • The Robotic Wars v.02, en LEA10
  • Los Falsos, en el Museo Karura Art Centre
  • Le Masquerade Valls, en Arte Libera‘s Garden en diciembre (bajo construcción)
  • I Bruna, I Replicant”, bosque de lectores de Lágrimas en la Lluvia, diseminado alrededor del proyecto y cuyo centro está en LEA10

Descargas en PDF del primer capítulo del libro en diferentes idiomas

En español:

En italiano:

En portugués:

En inglés:

En francés:

En polonés:

Galerías de imágenes de la intervención en Second Life

Lacrime nella Pioggia, preview el 27 de octubre para el e-Book Festival de Sanremo:

The Robotic Wars en BURN2

The Robotic Wars, Arthropod robot v.02.
Made in Blender 2.64 and rendered under Cycles Render. Low poly character.
Textures: “BURN2 playa”, from Burning Man, Tears of Steal’s “tile_rust_patches-im42″, from the Mango Project of the Blender Foundation and Madrid street overview map and replicant eye by myself.
©noke 2012.

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Grupos que colaboran en este proyecto

LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts), Libriamo Tutti, Arte Libera, The Museum Karura Art Centre, BURN2.


Simba Schumann, Brune BB Crash Queen, Wizardoz Chrome, Grazietta Cazenove, Storm Blauvelt, Gattalia Rossini, Kondorblue, Helenita Janus, Moki Yuitza, Syra Hyun, Geigel (jjwilfred) Resident y Noke Yuitza.


Zelig, Miguel Lopez, Gabriela Vacca, Mara GalRiv, Gatito de Cristine Pizan, Sebastian Hidalgo, Nossa Kratfige Frau, Gabriel Diaz Barragan, Shangreloo Kuhn, Luis Alberto Moreno Reynoso, Elvira, Virginia Torres, Morlita Quan, Ina Karura, Brune BB Crash Queen, Karlos, Duna Grant y Marieli Uriza.


Agradecer especialmente a Rosa Montero, Simona Lamonaca y Giovanni Dalla Bonna, por su inestimable colaboración en todo lo propuesto, y a las editoriales Seix BarralSalani EditorePorto EditoraAmazon Publishing,  Éditions Métailé y Muza SA, a los grupos Arte Libera, Libriamo Tutti, LEA, Burning Man y el Museo Karura Art Centre, a Fred Beckhusen por la ayuda con los scripts y a todo aquel que ha participado en el proceso de esta instalación porque sin ellos no sería posible realizar un proyecto de esta envergadura.

Software utilizado

Blender 2.6, Photoshop & Illustrator CS5, Second Life’s 3D editor.

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Tears in Rain, the project



Like an echo, thousands of people connected leave each day behind them a trail that remains in cyberspace while they are AFK (Away From Keyboard). And this expands and grows greedy fueled by the social technologies of our Digital Era. It’s what is called the Ghost, a piece of the human spirit that, as a tear that is mixed with the rain, forms a common virtual global footprint and represents a new type of human heritage. But how will be this Ghost in the future?

Tears in Rain is an artistic and digital immersion into this question that finds a possible answer in the future of Madrid of 2109 visualized by Rosa Montero in her book Tears in Rain, which follows the life of a female replicant while covers contemporary subjects such as memory, emotions, relationships, war, poverty, climate change and pollution, sex, racism, corruption, the right to life and live it with dignity, death…

That’s how this project collects some of the passages from Montero’s book and, in a surreal way, recreates them inside a virtual ecosystem, in the trail of the Ghost, in what is, above all, a song to the essence of life and the memory.


Aesthetics of Tears in Rain are inspired by the anime Ghost in the Shell and Blade Runner film because, like Tears in Rain book, these cyberpunk stories present a realistic and possible future that holds a debate on this new type of human heritage.

Concept and description

Tears in Rain is a 3D digital work shown and performed in various galerist spaces in the virtual world of Second Life and whose skeleton consists of three main stages, linked by the near future, the present of 2109 and the far future, re-thought and based on their original versions designed respectively for the SL9B , the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera (Milan, Italy) and the celebrations of the centenary of the University of Western Australia (Australia): Future Communities, Lacrime nella pioggia and Alien Humanity, now renamed as:

“Making of a replicant”, Scenario 01: Inside an in-vitro conception between virtual and organic life hybridization, held by the trinity concept (organic, virtual and spiritual), Future Communities talks about the birth of a new community of transgenic human beings: the technohumans or replicants.

“Madrid 2109”, Scenario 02: follows the inner evolution and awakening of Bruna Husky, the replicant and main character of Montero’s book, through 16 memory fragments.

Alien Humanity”, Scenario 03: inspired in a certain way in Mariko Mori‘s installation Oneness, in space terraformation and in an experiment based on empathy and mirror neurons, is concerned about what comes next, after the end, after the apocalypse, with a sacred family of extraterrestrial beings trying to recover the human specie with other artificial conception.

Around these three scenarios, is performed “I Bruna, I Replicant”, a transmedia initiative that is both a tribute to Rosa Montero, due to of her proximity to her readers, and the representation of the moment in which a reader begins to empathize with a character.

Special collaboration of the author of the book, her publishing houses and her readers

Rosa Montero chooses and puts the voice of the fragments of the stage 2 and she’s the Bruna of fragments 01 and 08, the publishing houses of her Tears in Rain (Seix Barral, Salani Editore, Porto Editora, Amazon Publishing, Éditions Métailé, Muza SA…) give the first chapter to be uploaded and used for this project and some of her readers contribute via Montero’s facebook with their self-portraits characterized as Bruna Husky for “I Bruna, I Replicant”.

Spaces in Second Life where you can visit Tears in Rain and schedule

This artistic project tries to weave an exchange net between cultural groups in Second Life around the fragments of Rosa Montero’s book and, therefore, is widespread across time and space in these virtual galleries:

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Download the PDF of the first chapter of Montero’s book Tears in Rain in

Galleries of images of Tears in Rain artistic installation in Second Life

Lacrime nella Pioggia, preview of the 27th of octubre inside the Sanremo’s e-Book Festival:

The Robotic Wars in BURN2, in LEA10.

The Robotic Wars, Arthropod robot v.02.
Made in Blender 2.64 under Cycles Render. Low poly character.
Textures: “BURN2 playa”, from Burning Man, Tears of Steal’s “tile_rust_patches-im42″, from the Mango Project of the Blender Foundation and Madrid street overview map and replicant eye by myself.
©noke 2012.

Groups collaborating in this project

LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts), Libriamo Tutti, Arte Libera, The Museum Karura Art Centre, BURN2.


Simba Schumann, Brune BB Crash Queen, Wizardoz Chrome, Grazietta Cazenove, Storm Blauvelt, Gattalia Rossini, Kondorblue, Helenita Janus, Moki Yuitza, Syra Hyun, Geigel (jjwilfred) Resident and Noke Yuitza.


Zelig, Miguel Lopez, Gabriela Vacca, Mara GalRiv, Gatito de Cristine Pizan, Sebastian Hidalgo, Nossa Kratfige Frau, Gabriel Diaz Barragan, Shangreloo Kuhn, Luis Alberto Moreno Reynoso, Elvira, Virginia Torres, Morlita Quan, Ina Karura, Brune BB Crash Queen, Karlos, Duna Grant, Ina Karura y Marieli Uriza.


Morlita Quan, Moki Yuitza and Kreao Kujisawa, Talia group of theatre, Karma Auer, Singularity Tribe’s DJs.

Special thanks to

Rosa Montero, Simona Lamonaca and Giovanni Dalla Bonna by their invaluable collaboration. Publishing houses  Seix BarralSalani EditorePorto Editora, Amazon PublishingÉditions Métailé, Muza SA. Groups Arte Libera, Libriamo Tutti, LEA, Burning Man y el Museo Karura Art Centre. Fred Beckhusen, by the help with scripting. To readers and actors. To Yoji and Filou.rod for the inspiring Neeloo Robot Women and  Robot Meditation Honda, from wich I took borrowed the eyelashes, that served to me to create my version of Bruna’s face and to people that, like them, share open source stuff!

Without you all, impossible to do a project of this size.

Software used

Blender 2.6, Photoshop & Illustrator CS5, Second Life’s 3D editor.

Concept, design, modeling, lights and textures by myself except:

  • Textures: “BURN2 playa”, from Burning Man, street by Second Life’s Library and Tears of Steal’s “tile_rust_patches-im42″, from the Mango Project of the Blender Foundation.
  • Vehicles and bus stop, animations and scripts: open source repositories of Fred Beckhusen, Urban Blight Project (by Arcadia Asylum) and Second Life’s Library.

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The Robotic Wars


The Robotic Wars at BURN2.
@noke 2012.

Central Archives of the United States of the Earth
(Mod. version)

File: #6B-138
Keyworkds: Human Peace, Geneva Convention, coltan mines, Congo Crisis, Conspiracy Replicant, Lumbre Ras

Inspired in sci-fi disaster films of wars between humans and machines, this virtual artistic intervention for the BURN2 represents to be a recorded audiovisual piece related to the Robotic Wars of the “Central Archives of the United States of the Earth” mentioned in the book Tears in Rain, by Rosa Montero (international Spanish writer and journalist). In fact, as observes, we are playing the role of a copy-editors editing and preserving a part of the past inside a virtual reality displayer in Madrid 2109.

In the book, there’s a conspiration to break the peace between replicants and humans. Yiannis Liberopoulos, copy-editor of the “Central Archives of the United States of the Earth” and one of the main characters of the book, discovers that someone is hacking these files to change history to discredit replicants. So, we can’t know if what we are watching in this installation is a real recorded past scene of the Robotic Wars or if it’s a manipulated version.


Robots are inspired in invertebrates as robotic space investigation ones as well as in Star Wars ones.

I’ve chose to use what I call “the prim-people” across TEARS IN RAIN project to represent the basic shape of humans, aliens and replicants (that have cat eyes as in Montero’s book) in the most simple unit of construction in virtual worlds. It’s other way to express evolution from simplicity to complexity inside the hole context of this cross-lands intervention.

Where and how to visit The Robotic Wars?

In the Rabit Hole island of Burning Man in Second Life until 4th of November. Landing point to The Robotic Wars:

*This exhibit grows each day, as a living organism, again playing over the concept of from simple to complex evolution, so visitors can follow changes each day.


  1. Compatible viewer with mesh objects as Second Life last viewer and Firestorm
  2. Sky Settings: night and sunset
  3. To activate “Lights and Shadows” in Preferences/ Graphics/ Advanced

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Concept, design, modeling, lights and textures by myself except:

Textures: “BURN2 playa”, from Burning Man, street by Second Life’s Library and Tears of Steal’s “tile_rust_patches-im42”, from the Mango Project of the Blender Foundation.

Vehicles and bus stop, animations and scripts: open source repositories of Urban Blight Project (by Arcadia Asylum) and Second Life’s Library.

Additional information about the project

Participa en “I BRUNA, I REPLICANT”, el Jardín Virtual de Lectores de Lágrimas en la Lluvia de Rosa Montero


Lacrime nella pioggia - I BRUNA, I REPLICANT (Imparafacile insland)

Call to participation: “I BRUNA, I REPLICANT”, virtual garden of readers of Rosa Montero’s Tears in Rain.

Algunos escritores pueden convertirse en creadores de mundos, estimulando nuestro imaginario colectivo con vidas que podemos vivir sin vivirlas en realidad, inspirando nuestra creatividad. Eso es lo que me ha pasado con mi escritora musa de estos últimos meses, la gran Rosa Montero (periodista y escritora española internacional), con su Bruna Husky y su universo Lágrimas en la lluvia.

Y… ¿qué puede ser más hermoso para un escritor que sentir la retroalimentación positiva de sus lectores? Especialmente en un momento como el actual, donde lo digital y las redes sociales permiten una mayor interactividad.

Hace unos días empecé a pensar en esto, como lectora y creativa, para agradecerle de alguna manera toda la ayuda prestada en mi visión surrealista de sus Lágrimas en la lluvia (no todos los autores están tan abiertos a versiones liberales de sus obras como Rosa).

De aquí la idea de hacer un jardín virtual de lectores que se expondrá como parte de mi instalación artística virtual Tears in rain en Second Life. Pero sin tu inestimable colaboración, no puede crecer el jardín de lectores!

Por eso…

Participa en “I BRUNA, I REPLICANT”, el Jardín Virtual de Lectores de Lágrimas en la lluvia, de Rosa Montero

“Yo BRUNA, Yo REPLICANTE”, Jardín Virtual de Lectores de Lágrimas en la lluvia, de Rosa Montero
¿Quieres formar parte de una ciber-intervención artística basada en Lágrimas en la Lluvia, de Rosa Montero? Comparte tu foto-retrato con la famosa línea tatuada de Bruna Husky en el mural de Rosa en Facebook hasta el 1 de noviembre y participarás en un jardín virtual en Second Life hecho de imágenes de los lectores caracterizados como la famosa detective replicante.

No importa que la foto sea en blanco y negro o color, de la cara o de otra parte del cuerpo donde Bruna tiene tatuada la línea o que esté retocada con Photoshop o no, mientras la calidad sea buena y se trate de una imagen original. La única condición es ¡que se vea la línea tatuada!”

Comparte tu “Yo BRUNA, Yo REPLICANTE” foto en el mural del Facebook de Rosa aquí:

Si eres usuario de Second Life, también puedes enviar el retrato de tu avatar. Contacta con Simba Schumann,de Arte Libera, o conmigo para conseguir el tatuaje de la línea Bruna gratis para tu avatar a utilizarlo para esta propuesta.

Recuerda enviar tu foto, no un dibujo! (Animales y fotografías de avatares de Second Life con la línea de tatuaje también se permiten).

I BRUNA, I Replicant (Poster)

Call to participation in a virtual installation: “I BRUNA, I REPLICANT” Virtual garden of readers of Tears in Rain

 Rosa Montero, Lágrimas en la lluvia, P.30, Ed. Seix Barral.


1.- Realizar una fotografía-retrato en la que aparezca la línea del tatuaje de la protagonista de “Lágrimas en la lluvia”, Bruna Husky. No se admitirán dibujos.

2.- La fotografía puede ser de cualquier parte del cuerpo y estar realizada en color o en blanco y negro.

3.- Se permite retocar la fotografía con aplicaciones como, por ejemplo, Photoshop.

4.- La imagen ha de ser original.

5.- Cada autor puede presentar 2 obras.

6.- Compartir la fotografía en el mural de Facebook de Rosa Montero.

7.- Usuarios de Second Life:

a) Pueden enviar la fotografía a Noke Yuitza o a ina Karura.

b) Está permitido enviar una fotografía del avatar que el usuario posea en Second Life.

c) El tatuaje de la línea de Bruna Huxky se puede conseguir, de forma gratuita, contactando con Noke Yuitza o ina Karura.

8.- El plazo de entrega de las fotografías finaliza el día 1 de noviembre a las 23:55 h.

IMMERSIVE WOR(L)DS – VIDEO PART 2: lecture and artists


This is the second video about the opening of IMMERSIVE WOR(L)DS, event organized in Second Life by the groups Libriamo Tutti and Arte Libera and the Brera Academy (Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan, Italy), where we can see and hear some bits of the books that inspired our exhibits (artists exhibits) for the project read vividly during the visit by:

  • ALEXANDRA SHEPHERD, passage of “Narciso e Boccadoro” (Hermann Hesse) for “L’OPPOSTO E IL SUO COMPLETAMENTO”, by Giovanna Cerise.
  • HELENITA ARRIAGA, passage of “Il pozzo e il pendolo” (Edgar A. Poe) for “IL POZZO E IL PENDOLO”, by Nessuno Myoo.
  • SIMBA SCHUMANN, passage of “Lacrime nella pioggia” (Rosa Montero) for “LACRIME NELLA PIOGGIA”, by Noke Yuitza.

Description of the event

Words and Worlds are the themes that form the backdrop of the event that Libriamo Tutti and the Brera Academy, in collaboration with IF2012 Imagine the Future, organized Saturday, June 30, at 10:30 am, at the Napoleonico hall of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera.

WORDS: because we asked some digital artists to create works of art, inspired by literary works.

WORLDS: because, to admire the works of art, we have put in connecting virtual worlds and physical worlds, by talking avatars who populated the virtual headquarters of the Academy of Brera in Second Life, with lovers of art and literature that have instead met in the physical location of the Academy.

A partnership between literary art and figurative art that has found its meeting point in the use of new technologies offered by the Internet, to stimulate sharing and interaction, eliminating the gap between artists, readers and viewers.

During the meeting, the reading of texts and stories has been integrated with the artistic exploration and discovery, the images are intertwined canceling spaces, dialogue developed between concrete spaces and web platforms.


An idea of:
(aka Imparafacile Runo)
Coordinator of

Realized by:
Helenita Arriaga
Maryhola McMillan
Morghana Savira
Gea Demina
Alexandra Shepherd

Prof. Giampiero Moioli (aka Giugiogia Auer)
Prof.ssa Stefania Albertini (MariTer Auer)

(aka Simba Schumann)
Head of virtual art gallery

In collaboration with:
Iniziativa della Provincia di Milano
e CCIAA di Milano

Digital artists operas:
by Giovanna Cerise
Inspired by:
“Narciso e Boccadoro” (Hermann Hesse)

by Nessuno Myoo
Inspired by:
“Il pozzo e il pendolo” (Edgar A. Poe)

by Noke Yuitza
Inspired by:
“Lacrime nella pioggia” (Rosa Montero)

by Lorenzo De Liguoro
Inspired by:
“Il piccolo Principe” (A. de Saint-Exupéry)

by Giulia De Marinis

by Christian Angelo Castelli

For the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera:
Andrea Morleo
Giovanna Tralli
Laura Colombo

The live broadcast from Second Life:
Heike Philp (aka Gwen Gwasi)

Recordings from Second Life:
Livio Mondini (aka Livio Korobase)
Susanna Nocchi (aka Su Nacht)

Wizardoz Chrome
Aliza Karu
MarkWD Helendale
Fiona Saiman

Edited by:
Giovanni Dalla Bona (aka Imparafacile Runo)

When Waves Trying to Catch a Marvel, by Antony Raijekov

Also thanks for their invaluable help to :
Thirza Ember (translation English-Italian)

Bruno Aliprandi (IT manager of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera) for the availability and technical support.


Is sponsored by:
Sistema bibliotecario Crema-Soresina
Consorzio Sistema Bibliotecario Milano Nord Ovest
Informatici Senza Frontiere

In collaboration with:
TV 2000
Festival della Letteratura di Milano
Whipart: portale di arte cultura


It was possible thanks to the support of:
Studio Editoriale Le Mots Libres
Agenzia Turistica Lorenzon
Produzione video Paolo Vecchi
Officine Editoriali
Applicazioni personalizzate DrakulApp
Casa editrice Delirium
Avanguardia 21 Edizioni
Consorzio Sistema Bibliotecario Milano Nord Ovest

Original article in Libriamo Tutti web (in Italian):

Lacrime nella pioggia, opera by Noke Yuitza, captured by Wizardoz Chrome


This gallery contains 6 photos.

Lacrime nella pioggia, my immersive installation, captured by the eyes of photographer Wizardoz Chrome during the opening of IMMERSIVE WORL(D)S at the space of the Brera Academy in Second Life (Academy of Fine art of Brera, Italy). Click on the images to … Continue reading

Vintage Red Doll in A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Once I sat upon a promontory,
And heard a mermaid, on a dolphin’s back,
Uttering such dulcet and harmonious breath,
That the rude sea grew civil at her song;
And certain stars shot madly from their spheres,
To hear the sea-maid’s music.

Oberon, King of the Fairies

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, scene I, Act II, William Shakespeare.

Vintage Red Rag Doll in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (by Noke)

“Vintage Red Rag Doll in A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, 2013 last version.
CG design with Blender 2.65, Cycles Render.
© noke 2013.
The old rag dolls of poor girls were made of colorful materials like potato sacks filled with sawdust, and even then sure they were so valuable for them as portals to their dreams, as the stars for a midsummer night.


Murder, she wrote (Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong)


Murder, She Wrote (by noke)

“Murder, She Wrote”.
Drawing & photo manipulation.
Photoshop CS5.
© noke 2011.

What will you do if you became witness of a crime? It’s wrong or not to try to avoid the problem? If you had the opportunity to stop a murder, risking your own life, would you do it?

Murder, she wrote is my tribute to the mystery and detective culture and to those afternoons growing watching Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher, the mystery writer become into an amateur detective.

I’ve mixed photo, draw (it has a part of other of my artworks: The SandMan, Olimpia) and digital art on it. The witness observing the murder is lost in the yellow, the main color in the picture, because yellow color can be bright as the sun, but can also be the color of the disease and the shock… depends on the tone. The murder scene is inspired in the last scene of the game Tomb Raider Legend.

Yellow, the original version, just contained the witness observing and it was conceived as a gift to the virtual museum the MKAC for it’s III anniversary. I hope you like them!!
Click on the images to see them better and… comments are welcome! (And if you like them, let me know it please!)
Yellow - MKAC aniversario 2011 (noke yuitza)

“Yellow” – MKAC’s anniversary 2011.
© noke 2011

The SandMan, Olimpia


After him–after him–why do you pause? Coppelius, Coppelius, has robbed me of my best automaton–a work of twenty years–body and soul set upon it–the clock-work–the speech–the walk, mine; the eyes stolen from you. The infernal rascal–after him; fetch Olympia–there you have the eyes!

The Sandman, E.T.A Hoffmann.

Olympia is one of the characters of the E.T.A Hoffmann’s tale The Sandman, a grotesque story written on the romanticism era about fear, madness, blind love and droids, but if you read closer you will see that it’s a complex analysis of the paper of the women in the society of that time, but also ours.

Olimpia is that prototype of unreal women desired by men, a droid that didn’t choose her path, but what will happen if she had the chance to choose?

Olimpia automata

“Olimpia automata” (The SandMan).
Mixed tech.: Draw & Photoshop
© noke, The SandMan 2010.

I made my version of this mysterious woman in 2010 for Illustration in Fine Arts, but also for the immersive intervention The SandMan in Second Life, that was exposed in the UWA challenge and in Arte Libera‘s virtual gallery. You can find more information about E.T.A Hoffmann’s tale and about this intervention in “Related articles”.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth (Bloom soon little flower in the dark, by Noke)


Bloom soon little flower in the dark,

bloom soon to shine back to stars…

Fireflies will show you the path

to guide your petals to the moon bath…

“Bloom soon little flower in the dark” (eye on the left).Blender 2.65 (Cycles Render) and Photoshop.© noke 2012.

“Bloom soon little flower in the dark” (eye on the left).
Blender 2.65 (Cycles Render) and Photoshop.
© noke 2012.

Good morning and sunset Donuts!


This gallery contains 2 photos.

Some donuts to start the day with energy while the sun rises and to close it with some sweet and peach sensation while the sun sets. To open the gallery, just click on one of the images. No Photoshop neither Gimp … Continue reading

The Synaptein Fish


This gallery contains 2 photos.

La palabra sinapsis viene de “synaptein”, que a su vez viene de las palabras griegas sin-, que significa “juntos”, y haptein, “para sujetar”. De ahí el peculiar nombre de esta obra, realizada con Photoshop CS5, y que utilicé para En … Continue reading

Sand Doll


Sand Doll

Sand Doll, by Noke. Blender 2.63, Cycles Render.
I’ve made this version of my doll for a friend. Hope you enjoy it!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple (Purple Doll, by Noke)


Purple Doll, by Noke

Purple Doll, by Noke. Blender 2.63, Cycles Render.
© Noke, 2012.

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Today: Updating the blog


I’m doing some updating today in the blog, as you can see, so please come later 😉

Underconstruction Poster

“The cubic under construction” Poster (made in Blender 2.6; Cycles Render).
© Noke, 2012.

Rosa Montero’s reading about Noke


And… this is the version in English of the interview that Simba Schumann has done to Rosa Montero about her book Lacrime nella Pioggia (Lágrimas en la Lluvia, Tears in the Rain) and my installation! ;D

Arte Libera

What a surprise to meet during the opening of “Immersive wor(l)ds” Bruna Husky , main character of “Tears in the rain”, the novel that has inspired Noke Yuitza’s work. Was really her, the combact replicant, with a tatoo that divides her face and then go on in all her body, dividing her (or maybe linking her, as in the book we can read). behind that avatar there was really Rosa Montero, the author of the book, who entered in sl because of that opening. Rosa partecipated to Noke’s work, sending her some mp3s with her personal readings of book’s fragments.

It was my pleasure knowing her and talking with her about her book and Noke’s installation: She is a very friendly person and I profits by her disponibility for making her an interview rich of curiosity and irony.

Did you know something about Secondlife’s art before this experience…

View original post 679 more words

Noke’s reading about Rosa Montero


Here it is! The English version of the interview! 😉

Arte Libera

“Tears in the rain” is the title of Rosa Montero’s novel, choosen by Noke Yuitza for her installation for “Immersive wor(l)ds“. I know Noke from many years and she ever fascinated me for her creative impetus. I like to observe her while she works to an installation, with accuracy and care to every details untill the last time. Arte Libera hosted her with pleasure for other two installations and it’s ever an emotion to work with her. This time she has involved me so deep in her work, because she asked me to be her model for three characters of the book, three women in a future world, very different from my common avatar. It was very funny and I was so curious that I’ve red Rosa Montero’s book before the opening for being sure to understand everything I saw.

Two words about Noke: she studies Fine Arts…

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Interview: Noke legge Rosa Montero



Lacrime nella Pioggia, replicant eye

Lacrime nella Pioggia, replicant eye

The following article is the interview in Italian that Simba Schuumann, from Arte Libera, did to me during my presentation of Lacrime nella Pioggia for “Immersive wor(l)ds“. I hope you’ll like!

Lacrime nelle pioggia” è il titolo del romanzo della scrittrice spagnola Rosa Montero (Salani Editore), scelto per l’istallazione diNoke Yuitza per “Immersive wor(l)ds“. Conosco Noke ormai da diversi anni e resto sempre affascinata dal suo impeto creativo. Mi piace osservarla mentre lavora a un’istallazione, con precisione, attenzione ad ogni dettaglio, cura fino all’ultimo momento di ogni particolare. Arte Libera ha già avuto il piacere di ospitarla altre due volte ed è stata sempre una grande emozione. Questa volta, poi, Noke mi ha coinvolto fino in fondo nell’istallazione, chiedendomi di farle da modella per alcune foto e così mi sono ritrovata ad impersonare tre personaggi del suo libro con tre avatar diversi, tre personaggi di un mondo del futuro, molto diversi dal mio avatar consueto. E’ stato divertente e mi ha ovviamente incuriosita al punto da spingermi a leggere entro l’inaugurazione il libro di Rosa Montero, proprio per il desiderio di capire di più tutto quello che vedevo.

Continue reading the full interview… 


“Lacrime nella pioggia” inside the project IMMERSIVE WORL(D)S


30th, 10.30 a.m. Italy.
In the Brera Academy: Via Brera 28, Milan (Italy), into il Salone Napoleonico.

Escenario Tears in The Rain_006

Lacrime nella pioggia installation, Bruna Husky awakening.

Artwork: Lacrime nella pioggia, inspired in Lacrime nella pioggia by Rosa Montero

Download the first chapter here: Lacrime nella pioggia, Rosa Montero (preview) (©Rosa Montero, Salani Editore, 2012)

To have a better experience, try different Sky Settings in Second Life as: Bry’Oh Bluniverse.


There’s a part of us that reminds into cyberspace while we are “AFK”, and that part grows breaded by social techs. It’s our “ghost” conforming our virtual community footprint, a new kind of human heritage. But, how is this going to evolve in the future?

Lacrime nella Pioggia installation follows, into one of those possible futures, the inner evolution and awakening of Bruna Husky, a replicant, in the city of Madrid on 2109.


Lacrime nella Pioggia, the book of Rosa Montero that inspires this installation, is one of those big stories, on the line of Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell, that can imagine a realistic future with sense, closer to our present time in the important debates of the life (rights, life and death, love, memory,…) probably because Rosa Montero, the author, it’s also a journalists and she has that clinic eye for the analysis. It’s also a story about an inner evolution, acceptation and conciliation of oneself held by it’s mean character, Bruna Husky.

It’s a rich and complex story, so here I’ve just done an approach to Bruna, to her evolution along the story. I have other 2 installations, small ones, based on the “story behind the story” of Lacrime nella Pioggia: Future Communities (for the SL9B) and Alien Humanity (for the UWA’s Challenge). The 1st one acts like a pre-story and the second concludes the circle.

Special collaboration:

Voice: The writer Rosa Montero puts the voice to 16 fragments of the book chosen for this installation by herself due it’s meaning

Fragments in Italian: Simona Scadellari, from Salani Editore

Models: Simba Schumann & Geigel (jjwilfred) Resident

Scripting: Rockerduck Bogdanovich

Sound: Imparacafile Runo

Sound effects: Storm Blauvelt

Thanks to the organization team composed by:

Giovanni Dalla Bona (Libriamo Tutti), Giampiero Moioli and Stefania Albertini (Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera) and Simba Schumann (Arte Libera).

Special thanks to:

Rosa Montero, Simba Schumann, Pol Jarvinen, Simona Scadellari, Imparacafile Runo, Storm Blauvelt and Rockerduck Bogdanovich for the help to realize this intervention.

To Yoji and Filou.rod for the inspiring Neeloo Robot Women and  Robot Meditation Honda, from wich I took borrowed the eyelashes, that served to me to create my version of Bruna’s face.

More information about the event  IMMERSIVE WORL(D)S and the artists participating:

IMMERSIVE WOR(L)DS Poster of the event


Blender 2.6, Photoshop CS5, Second Life 3D editor.

Comunidades Futuras en el SL9B



Future Communities by Noke Yuitza for the SL9B

Future Communities by Noke Yuitza for the SL9B


Hay una parte de nosotros que permanece en el ciberespacio mientras estamos “AFK”, y esa parte crece alimentada por las tecnologías sociales. Es nuestro “ghost” conformando nuestra huella virtual común, un nuevo tipo de herencia humana. Pero, ¿cómo evolucionará esta en el futuro?

Dentro de una concepción in vitro entre la vida orgánica y la virtual, y sostenida por el concepto de trinidad (orgánico, virtual, espiritual), “Comunidades Futuras” trata del nacimiento de una nueva comunidad de humanos transgénicos como resultado de aquella: los tecnohumanos o replicantes.


El concepto original de Future Communities (Comunidades Futuras) está basado en Lacrime nella piogia, exposición que estoy preparando para el proyecto en Second Life de la Academia de Bellas Artes Brera sobre Lágrimas en la Lluvia (el último libro de la escritora y periodista Rosa Montero), y el anime Ghost in the Shell. De Lágrimas en la Lluvia, Future Communities coge la idea de los tecnohumanos, que son en cierta manera similar a los replicantes de Blade Runner, y de Ghost in the Shell, la idea del “espectro” virtual.

¿Cómo visitarla?

De momento, solo se puede visitar virtualmente mediante Second Life durante el SL9B en:

Más info pronto!



Future Communities


Future Communities by Noke Yuitza at SL9B

Future Communities by Noke Yuitza at SL9B


There’s a part of us that reminds into cyberspace while we are “AFK”, and that part grows breaded by social techs. It’s our “ghost” conforming our virtual community footprint, a new kind of human heritage. But, how is this going to evolve in the future?

Inside an in-vitro conception between virtual and organic life mix, held by the trinity concept (organic, virtual and spiritual), “Future Communities” talks about the birth of a new community of transgenic human beings as a result of that one: the technohumans or replicants.


The original concept of Future Communities is based on Lacrime nella piogia, the exhibit I’m preparing for Fine Arts Brera Academy project in SL about Tears in the Rain (the last book of the Spanish writer and journalist Rosa Montero), and inspired in the anime Ghost in the Shell. From Lágrimas en la Lluvia, Future Communities takes the idea of the technohumans, that is in certain way similar to Blade Runner replicants, and from Ghost in the Shell, the idea of the virtual “ghost”.

Where to visit?

By the moment, just inside Second Life during the SL9B celebrations in:



Arte en Metaversos y ciberarte


“Lo que vemos hoy día es un arte que busca un contacto más inmediato con la gente de lo que permite el museo… y el museo a su vez se esfuerza por acomodarse a las inmensas presiones que se le imponen desde dentro y fuera del arte. Entonces, tal como lo veo, nosotros somos testigos de una triple transformación- en el hacer arte, en las instituciones del arte, y en el público del arte-”, A. Danto, Después del fin del arte: el arte contemporáneo y el linde de la historia. Barcelona, Paidós, 1999, P. 193.

Los artistas llegaron primero. Ávidos de nuevos canvas experimentales se encarnaron en avatares dentro de ecosistemas virtuales. Estos nuevos colonos propiciaron la aparición y desarrollo del mundo del arte en metaversos y originaron un nuevo concepto de arte: el ciberarte.

La principal característica de éste tipo de arte, que podría incluirse dentro del arte digital y que contiene diversas corrientes, es que es un arte nacido y creado en y para espacios virtuales. Va dirigido principalmente a los usuarios de estas comunidades sociales en 3D, aunque la proliferación de machinimas y performances que interactuan  con estos mundos sintéticos permiten abarcar más público . Otras características importantes son que suele ser un arte interactivo y que escapa a las leyes de la física (a menudo definido como “imposible de hacer en el mundo real”), lo que lo hace destacar del arte producido en medios convencionales.

No obstante, hemos de distinguir entre cibertarte y arte que recrea en metaversos obras existentes en el mundo físico, en su mayoría cuadros. A este tipo se le puede clasificar como “arte real” en soporte virtual y su objetivo sería la promoción de obras, artistas y/o galerías a través de nuevos medios de difusión online. Este es el caso, por ejemplo, de la Dresden Gallery.

Al igual que ya pasó con las cámaras digitales, la enorme facilidad de crear y construir que permiten estas plataformas  favorece el ejercicio del acto creativo de los usuarios. El tag “ciberartista”, por tanto, escapa a sus orígenes: ya no queda ceñido al colectivo de artistas profesionales o estudiantes de Bellas Artes, sino que se amplifica y conduce al desarrollo de artistas amateur y nuevos artistas.

Machinima UWA II : Freedom

Dystopia – Episode 1: “Black Wall”


DYSTOPIA (LEA24, by Noke Yuitza)Dystopia opens the 19th with Black Wall, a conceptual photography and audio performance, created by visual artist Noke Yuitza and music composer Alexi Ayres with the collaboration of photographer Melody Trouble, included in the first chapter of Dystopia art installation for Linden Endowment for the Arts (SIM 24). Black Wall aims to immerse the audience in an environment of utter abyss in hopes to spark insightful inspiration.

Alexi Ayres will be performing a Live soundtrack concert on Saturday 3/19/2016 at 2PM SLT. Join us!

Taxi here.

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I should have to update me (by Noke Yuitza)

“I should have to update me… I should have to update me… I should have to update me… Loading, please wait…” (by Noke Yuitza)

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The Sea of Cubic Dreams

Thanks Caitlin from all members of Alegria Studio

Caits World

Last Saturday The Sea of Cubic Dreams opened, a wonderful art installation by Alegria Studio on LEA25. I had seen some preview pictures already and was keen to visit as soon as it was open!

The Sea of Cubic Dreams is the first stage of a larger project ‘Theater Night’s Dream’ which is still in progress, so a reason to go back and check it.
For now you will find a wonderful, mesmerizing ‘sea’ with cubes floating around. You can touch them, or sit on them, and give them a push so they will slowly move (you) over the sea.

The Sea of Cubic Dreams - I

For the best experience make sure to push your graphics up and enable shadows, to fully see how wonderful it looks. The pics in this blogpost are taken in the region windlight setting and not processed in photoshop at all – other than cropped.
The Sea of Cubic Dreams - II

The Sea of Cubic Dreams - III

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Revisiting the Sea of Cubic Dreams…

Mahalo Mona from all ALEGRIA Studio team :))) (I love your pictures!!!)

Mona Eberhardt

The Sea of Cubic Dreams.The Sea of Cubic Dreams. Please click on the image for larger version.

No, nothing’s changed since my first visit to ALEGRIA Studio‘s beautiful exhibit “The Sea of Cubic Dreams” at LEA25. Their upcoming “Theater Night’s Dream” project is, as far as I can tell, still work-in-progress – so, this preview should suffice for now. If you want to learn more about it, read my previous article on it, or Inara Pey and Ziki Questi‘s posts.

The Sea of Cubic DreamsThe Sea of Cubic Dreams. Please click on the picture for larger version.

I have to admit I’ve always been a hesitant traveller in Second Life, not least because I’ve never had a really decent computer that would enable me to enjoy SL’s full potential; in fact, even merely moving around has been a chore for me when exploring richly-decorated and/or crowded regions. I…

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Adrift on a Sea of Cubic Dreams

Thanks Inara Pey ^^

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

The Sea of Cubic DreamsThe Sea of Cubic Dreams

The Sea of Cubic Dreams is a new installation by the ALEGRIA Studio team. It is an intriguing piece, a preview, perhaps, of a much larger work which will be opening in the same region in due course, entitled Theatre Night’s Dream.

This prelude piece presents the visitor with a rich blue environment – it’s really best appreciated with the default windlight – penned on two sides by tall blue mural-like walls, the remaining two sides open to the surrounding sea.

The Sea of Cubic DreamsThe Sea of Cubic Dreams

floating on, under, or over the waters here are a series of differently sized black, blue and teal cubes which make good use of materials on their surfaces. They come in several different sizes, and if you get close enough to one (trying standing on the really big ones) you can sit down, give it a shove, and you’ll…

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☼Final event :”DREAM” by NOKE YUITZA @Arte Libera May10. 2014

Machinimographer Wizardoz Chrome brings to us her last machinima release: a collective oniric perspective of the finale of DREAM in Arte Libera.

She, as the dreamer, dive deep into the ambient in a closer look to DREAM’s characters, capturing other dreamers that join us during the electronica music performance of Neya Mode and ALEXI.

Mahalo and congrats Wiz, I love it! 🙂

Machinima by Wizardoz Chrome from : ☼Final event :”DREAM” by NOKE YUITZA @Arte Libera May10. 2014
Event with music by Alexi Ayres and Neya Mode.
☼Information :……
☼Soundtrack of the machinima (from hulkshare) is by Neya Mode:
[Neya]Dream CG art installation and Arte Libera Gallery
(track is Seduction (feat. Emika) CD Version
by Marcel Dettmann )

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DREAM finale event next saturday 10

DREAM FINALE EVENT in Arte Libera's Garden

DREAM FINALE EVENT in Arte Libera’s Garden

The sun is rising and we must wake up from Dream. Join us this Saturday with Singularity Tribe’s talented Japanese Dj Neya Mode and Hawaiian musician Alexi in the electronica music finale event of Dream CG art installation and Arte Libera Gallery project.

See you there!

Day: Saturday 10 of May

Time: from 01 pm to 04 pm SLT (23h to 01h in Spain and Italy)

Where: Arte Libera Gallery Garden in Second Life

Follow this event on Facebook here.

What is Dream?

Dream is my last rendered on real-time CG art installation project in virtual worlds. Talks about the need to love and be loved, of to feel that inner hole, that absence, specially in night-time.

You need to have install Second Life to attend to the show and visit Dream in Arte Libera Garden.

Special thanks to Singularity Tribe and Arte Libera people who made possible this virtual art installation!

Enjoy 😉