Dystopia – Episode 1: “Black Wall”


DYSTOPIA (LEA24, by Noke Yuitza)Dystopia opens the 19th with Black Wall, a conceptual photography and audio performance, created by visual artist Noke Yuitza and music composer Alexi Ayres with the collaboration of photographer Melody Trouble, included in the first chapter of Dystopia art installation for Linden Endowment for the Arts (SIM 24). Black Wall aims to immerse the audience in an environment of utter abyss in hopes to spark insightful inspiration.

Alexi Ayres will be performing a Live soundtrack concert on Saturday 3/19/2016 at 2PM SLT. Join us!

Taxi here.

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“Love is a Battlefield” in The Museo del Metaverso in Craft Virtual World


Drones capturing rusted hearts in LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD

Drones capturing rusted hearts in LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD

If you have a rusted heart, be careful with the drone collectors ;)…

Some days ago the MdM (Museo del Metaverso) reopened in Craft with some cool artists coming from Second Life and Hypergrid. You can visit its website to see some photos and get the Land Marks-taxi and I recommend to you to click in”Artists” in the main menu cause the list its the huge enough to don’t display the entire submenu of artists in all screens.

Mine is the following one: Love is a Battlefield. In my line of dreaming the future with some surreal cyberpunk style, I’ve created some drones collecting rusted hearts. It’s inside my DREAM saga, as you will recognize by one of its characters. There are 3: the rusted hearts, the drone collectors and the great collector. You can turn yourself in one of the characters, the rusted heart, and be part of the installation by getting the avatar as gift at the shop of the MdM.

Avatar Rusted Heart

Avatar “Rusted Heart” (by Noke Yuitza; photocredit Alpha Auer)

Some extra data: my avatar during the MdM opening was the drone collector carrying a heart. The drone is my ALEGRIA Dream Mask that you saw in La Metallique Fair, The Sea of Cubic Dreams during the performances and these days in ArtFest’15 in Second Life.

Enjoy 😉

The Sea of Cubic Dreams

Thanks Caitlin from all members of Alegria Studio

Caits World

Last Saturday The Sea of Cubic Dreams opened, a wonderful art installation by Alegria Studio on LEA25. I had seen some preview pictures already and was keen to visit as soon as it was open!

The Sea of Cubic Dreams is the first stage of a larger project ‘Theater Night’s Dream’ which is still in progress, so a reason to go back and check it.
For now you will find a wonderful, mesmerizing ‘sea’ with cubes floating around. You can touch them, or sit on them, and give them a push so they will slowly move (you) over the sea.

The Sea of Cubic Dreams - I

For the best experience make sure to push your graphics up and enable shadows, to fully see how wonderful it looks. The pics in this blogpost are taken in the region windlight setting and not processed in photoshop at all – other than cropped.
The Sea of Cubic Dreams - II

The Sea of Cubic Dreams - III

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Revisiting the Sea of Cubic Dreams…

Mahalo Mona from all ALEGRIA Studio team :))) (I love your pictures!!!)

Mona Eberhardt

The Sea of Cubic Dreams.The Sea of Cubic Dreams. Please click on the image for larger version.

No, nothing’s changed since my first visit to ALEGRIA Studio‘s beautiful exhibit “The Sea of Cubic Dreams” at LEA25. Their upcoming “Theater Night’s Dream” project is, as far as I can tell, still work-in-progress – so, this preview should suffice for now. If you want to learn more about it, read my previous article on it, or Inara Pey and Ziki Questi‘s posts.

The Sea of Cubic DreamsThe Sea of Cubic Dreams. Please click on the picture for larger version.

I have to admit I’ve always been a hesitant traveller in Second Life, not least because I’ve never had a really decent computer that would enable me to enjoy SL’s full potential; in fact, even merely moving around has been a chore for me when exploring richly-decorated and/or crowded regions. I…

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Adrift on a Sea of Cubic Dreams

Thanks Inara Pey ^^

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

The Sea of Cubic DreamsThe Sea of Cubic Dreams

The Sea of Cubic Dreams is a new installation by the ALEGRIA Studio team. It is an intriguing piece, a preview, perhaps, of a much larger work which will be opening in the same region in due course, entitled Theatre Night’s Dream.

This prelude piece presents the visitor with a rich blue environment – it’s really best appreciated with the default windlight – penned on two sides by tall blue mural-like walls, the remaining two sides open to the surrounding sea.

The Sea of Cubic DreamsThe Sea of Cubic Dreams

floating on, under, or over the waters here are a series of differently sized black, blue and teal cubes which make good use of materials on their surfaces. They come in several different sizes, and if you get close enough to one (trying standing on the really big ones) you can sit down, give it a shove, and you’ll…

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☼Final event :”DREAM” by NOKE YUITZA @Arte Libera May10. 2014

Machinimographer Wizardoz Chrome brings to us her last machinima release: a collective oniric perspective of the finale of DREAM in Arte Libera.

She, as the dreamer, dive deep into the ambient in a closer look to DREAM’s characters, capturing other dreamers that join us during the electronica music performance of Neya Mode and ALEXI.

Mahalo and congrats Wiz, I love it! 🙂

Machinima by Wizardoz Chrome from : ☼Final event :”DREAM” by NOKE YUITZA @Arte Libera May10. 2014
Event with music by Alexi Ayres and Neya Mode.
☼Information : https://nokeyuitza.wordpress.com/2014/…
☼Soundtrack of the machinima (from hulkshare) is by Neya Mode:
[Neya]Dream CG art installation and Arte Libera Gallery
(track is Seduction (feat. Emika) CD Version
by Marcel Dettmann )

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DREAM finale event next saturday 10

DREAM FINALE EVENT in Arte Libera's Garden

DREAM FINALE EVENT in Arte Libera’s Garden

The sun is rising and we must wake up from Dream. Join us this Saturday with Singularity Tribe’s talented Japanese Dj Neya Mode and Hawaiian musician Alexi in the electronica music finale event of Dream CG art installation and Arte Libera Gallery project.

See you there!

Day: Saturday 10 of May

Time: from 01 pm to 04 pm SLT (23h to 01h in Spain and Italy)

Where: Arte Libera Gallery Garden in Second Life

Follow this event on Facebook here.

What is Dream?

Dream is my last rendered on real-time CG art installation project in virtual worlds. Talks about the need to love and be loved, of to feel that inner hole, that absence, specially in night-time.

You need to have install Second Life to attend to the show and visit Dream in Arte Libera Garden.

Special thanks to Singularity Tribe and Arte Libera people who made possible this virtual art installation!

Enjoy 😉

Dream, by Noke


Dreams are a bridge to our inner self. This short animation is part of “Dream”, a new media art installation in virtual environments.

“Dream” will be open to public soon.

CG design, animation and music by Noke.

Blender 2.6 short animation.

Dream (short animation) “Dream”, by Noke.

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Stage Fright Global Halloween Festival in Second Life

INNER ABYSS Singularity Halloween Stage

A gridwide spooktacular Halloween weekend where you all are invited to participate in the events, games, haunts, music and my last art installation stage Inner Abyss 😉

See you there!

Location: Stage Fright Global Halloween Festival in Second Life

Further information about the Festival: Stage Fright Global Halloween Festival in Facebook

Stage Fright Global Halloween Festival in Second Life


  • Club ELFIN – ASIA
  • Club Re:noize – EUROPE/ASIA
  • Wizard’s Retreat – USA/EUROPE
  • Fear and Delirium – EUROPE
  • Nightmares in The Fade – EUROPE
  • Noke Yuitza- Europe
  • Ghost Box Radio – USA/EUROPE
  • Noize Sektor – USA
  • Singularity Tribe – USA

LEA Land Grant Application: Round Five


Guess which picture is the featured one LEA Land Grant Application: Round Five! My “I Bruna, I Replicant” flower of Tears in Rain 😉

Image: “Tears In Rain..” (detail) by Noke Yuitza.

Important Dates:
Applications open – June 16, 2013
Applications DEADLINE – July 16, 2013
Sim handover and public announcement – August 1, 2013
End of round – January 1, 2014

“I Bruna, I Replicant” flower, from Tears in Rain CG Art Installation by Noke Yuitza. Place: LEA10, Second Life. Photo credit: LEA.

Read more here… 

Buenos días Kawai!


By Momo chan

By Momo chan