Fuoco Sommerso-Deep Fire, Portfolio

Fuoco Sommerso-Deep Fire Portfolio



“Water and Fire, what ever could be so different and strong such a game between opposite and primordial elements?
Often they attract themselves one each other, so sometime, under the appareance of calm water, you could find an hidden impetuous fire… never stop to appearances… even while you’ ll see this suggestive and personal exhibit of the spanish Noke Yuitza called: Angels and Demons.
Are you sure to recognize who’s really the Demon and who’s the Angel?”

Simba Schumann*, galerist of Arte Libera, about Fuoco Sommerso-Deep Fire.



XIBALBA in The CRISS, Portfolio


Xibalba, Art Game collection, sample and art installation in Second Life for The CRISS Museum of Contemporary Art, of the artistic intervention Mexico: Xibalba, in Isla Emprendedores, of the Foundation Science and Technology, Banesto Bank.

Art Game

GLOBAL CON-SCIENCE, Vol. I & II, Portfolios

Global Con-Science Vol I Portfolio
Volume I of Global Con-Science exhibition in La Fratte Gallery. Introduction.
Global Con-Science Vol II Portfolio
Volume II of Global Con-Science exhibition in La Fratte Gallery. The Artworks

La Fuente (The Source), Portfolio

La Fuente (The Source)

Poster de la Performance La Fuente ©silene christen 2009.




Publicación sobre la intervención artística realizada el 19 de Julio de 2009 en La Fratte Gallery, Calamaro planet (Second Life). Los artistas: Silene Christe (obra), Noke Yuitza (lectura poética y composición musical), Sorazzana Breda (performance). Grupo Arte Intervencionista. LA FUENTE es un homenaje al agua, calida, dulce, susurrante. Acariciando metal y piedra. Un conjunto escultórico que además lleva asociada una performance, un ballet, que acompaña una hermosa lectura poética.

Portfolio about the artistic intervention and performance for July, 19th, 2009 at La Fratte Gallery, Calamaro planet (Second Life). The Artists were Silene Christe (sculture), Noke Yuitza (poetic reading and musical composition), Soriana Breda (performance), from Grupo Arte Intervencionista. The SOURCE is a tribute to the water, warm, sweet, whispering. Caressing metal and stone. A sculptural assembly that in addition takes associate a performance, a ballet, that accompanies a beautiful poetic reading.