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Like an echo, thousands of people connected leave each day behind them a trail that remains in cyberspace while they are AFK (Away From Keyboard). And this expands and grows greedy fueled by the social technologies of our Digital Era. It’s what is called the Ghost, a piece of the human spirit that, as a tear that is mixed with the rain, forms a common virtual global footprint and represents a new type of human heritage. But how will be this Ghost in the future?

Tears in Rain is an artistic and digital immersion into this question that finds a possible answer in the future of Madrid of 2109 visualized by Rosa Montero in her book Tears in Rain, which follows the life of a female replicant while covers contemporary subjects such as memory, emotions, relationships, war, poverty, climate change and pollution, sex, racism, corruption, the right to life and live it with dignity, death…

That’s how this project collects some of the passages from Montero’s book and, in a surreal way, recreates them inside a virtual ecosystem, in the trail of the Ghost, in what is, above all, a song to the essence of life and the memory.


Aesthetics of Tears in Rain are inspired by the anime Ghost in the Shell and Blade Runner film because, like Tears in Rain book, these cyberpunk stories present a realistic and possible future that holds a debate on this new type of human heritage.

Concept and description

Tears in Rain is a 3D digital work shown and performed in various galerist spaces in the virtual world of Second Life and whose skeleton consists of three main stages, linked by the near future, the present of 2109 and the far future, re-thought and based on their original versions designed respectively for the SL9B , the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera (Milan, Italy) and the celebrations of the centenary of the University of Western Australia (Australia): Future Communities, Lacrime nella pioggia and Alien Humanity, now renamed as:

“Making of a replicant”, Scenario 01: Inside an in-vitro conception between virtual and organic life hybridization, held by the trinity concept (organic, virtual and spiritual), Future Communities talks about the birth of a new community of transgenic human beings: the technohumans or replicants.

“Madrid 2109”, Scenario 02: follows the inner evolution and awakening of Bruna Husky, the replicant and main character of Montero’s book, through 16 memory fragments.

Alien Humanity”, Scenario 03: inspired in a certain way in Mariko Mori‘s installation Oneness, in space terraformation and in an experiment based on empathy and mirror neurons, is concerned about what comes next, after the end, after the apocalypse, with a sacred family of extraterrestrial beings trying to recover the human specie with other artificial conception.

Around these three scenarios, is performed “I Bruna, I Replicant”, a transmedia initiative that is both a tribute to Rosa Montero, due to of her proximity to her readers, and the representation of the moment in which a reader begins to empathize with a character.

Special collaboration of the author of the book, her publishing houses and her readers

Rosa Montero chooses and puts the voice of the fragments of the stage 2 and she’s the Bruna of fragments 01 and 08, the publishing houses of her Tears in Rain (Seix Barral, Salani Editore, Porto Editora, Amazon Publishing, Éditions Métailé, Muza SA…) give the first chapter to be uploaded and used for this project and some of her readers contribute via Montero’s facebook with their self-portraits characterized as Bruna Husky for “I Bruna, I Replicant”.

Spaces in Second Life where you can visit Tears in Rain and schedule

This artistic project tries to weave an exchange net between cultural groups in Second Life around the fragments of Rosa Montero’s book and, therefore, is widespread across time and space in these virtual galleries:

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Download the PDF of the first chapter of Montero’s book Tears in Rain in

Galleries of images of Tears in Rain artistic installation in Second Life

Lacrime nella Pioggia, preview of the 27th of octubre inside the Sanremo’s e-Book Festival:

The Robotic Wars in BURN2, in LEA10.

The Robotic Wars, Arthropod robot v.02.
Made in Blender 2.64 under Cycles Render. Low poly character.
Textures: “BURN2 playa”, from Burning Man, Tears of Steal’s “tile_rust_patches-im42″, from the Mango Project of the Blender Foundation and Madrid street overview map and replicant eye by myself.
©noke 2012.

Groups collaborating in this project

LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts), Libriamo Tutti, Arte Libera, The Museum Karura Art Centre, BURN2.


Simba Schumann, Brune BB Crash Queen, Wizardoz Chrome, Grazietta Cazenove, Storm Blauvelt, Gattalia Rossini, Kondorblue, Helenita Janus, Moki Yuitza, Syra Hyun, Geigel (jjwilfred) Resident and Noke Yuitza.


Zelig, Miguel Lopez, Gabriela Vacca, Mara GalRiv, Gatito de Cristine Pizan, Sebastian Hidalgo, Nossa Kratfige Frau, Gabriel Diaz Barragan, Shangreloo Kuhn, Luis Alberto Moreno Reynoso, Elvira, Virginia Torres, Morlita Quan, Ina Karura, Brune BB Crash Queen, Karlos, Duna Grant, Ina Karura y Marieli Uriza.


Morlita Quan, Moki Yuitza and Kreao Kujisawa, Talia group of theatre, Karma Auer, Singularity Tribe’s DJs.

Special thanks to

Rosa Montero, Simona Lamonaca and Giovanni Dalla Bonna by their invaluable collaboration. Publishing houses  Seix BarralSalani EditorePorto Editora, Amazon PublishingÉditions Métailé, Muza SA. Groups Arte Libera, Libriamo Tutti, LEA, Burning Man y el Museo Karura Art Centre. Fred Beckhusen, by the help with scripting. To readers and actors. To Yoji and Filou.rod for the inspiring Neeloo Robot Women and  Robot Meditation Honda, from wich I took borrowed the eyelashes, that served to me to create my version of Bruna’s face and to people that, like them, share open source stuff!

Without you all, impossible to do a project of this size.

Software used

Blender 2.6, Photoshop & Illustrator CS5, Second Life’s 3D editor.

Concept, design, modeling, lights and textures by myself except:

  • Textures: “BURN2 playa”, from Burning Man, street by Second Life’s Library and Tears of Steal’s “tile_rust_patches-im42″, from the Mango Project of the Blender Foundation.
  • Vehicles and bus stop, animations and scripts: open source repositories of Fred Beckhusen, Urban Blight Project (by Arcadia Asylum) and Second Life’s Library.

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Follow the white rabbit (Weekly Writing Challenge: From Mundane to Meaningful)



Today I was shocked down by something really curious.

I was struggling with WordPress.com to remain some changes fixed on my last entry when, suddenly, Firefox‘s window was gray and appeared a strange message with a countdown saying, in few words, that all my files were going to be destroyed and that I was fucked.

Imagine my face of terror: just in matter of few seconds all my stuff was going to disappear if I didn’t present battle against. But how?

Initiating infinite loop eschewal protocol. Self destruct in 3…2…1…

Time over: the counter reached the zero and the window was black. My heart was nearly a heart attack. I didn’t do any backups of my works in the last month. And then…

Wake up.

The Matrix has you, Noke.

Follow the white rabbit.

It has appeared the famous message of The Matrix!

What? “Follow the white rabbit”? I’ve turned arround quick to the door waiting absurdly to someone knocking at it, feeling a bit like Neo on the film.

–Cannot be possible…– I whispered as a mantra, praying not to fall into madness.

Then, in the screen of my computer, appeared another message warming me that the next time I should have to be more careful. No idea what they meant. Be careful with what? Or… with whom?

Yeah, I know how it sounds, really wear, but believe me: it is really true. Maybe it was a hacker’s attack, or a WordPress’s joke, or… maybe was a true call from The Matrix?… Does anyone have the same experience today?

If I see a white rabbit now, I think my rational mind succumb to Calderon de la Barca and his Life is a Dream.


Protected: Relato finalista en Imagina el 2109

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Memoria de la SEMFYC en Second Life 2009

Ha salido a consulta la memoria de La Isla de la Salud 2009, proyecto de la Sociedad de Medicos de Familia y Comunitarios en Second Life, donde mentan la muestra fotográfica que hice para la exhibición híbrida Poesía y Emociones que realizamos Alberto Infante (poesía), J.A. Prados (poesía) y yo (fotografías de la colección Comic Girl) con motivo de la inauguración del Aula Cultural en febrero.

Podéis descargar el documento en el siguiente link: La Isla de la Salud 2009

Poetry and Emotions.


Global Con-Science exhibit's poster for La Fratte ©noke yuitza 2009.


by Noke Yuitza

First part: The Wake Up.

We are individual.

Only in the world.

But each cell of our body

it is prepared to receive

and to send


to our central nervous system.

We are a set of cells.

But each cell vibrates

when we are two.

We are You and I.

Contaminating to us mutually.

Widening our world.

Fusing to us with the surroundings.

We are humans.

We are the World.


Cartel de la exposición Con-Sciencia Global para la Fratte ©noke yuitza 2009.


Por Noke Yuitza

Primera parte: El despertar.

Somos individuos.

Únicos en el mundo.

Pero cada célula de nuestro cuerpo

está preparada para recibir

y enviar

sensaciones de y a

nuestro sistema nervioso central.

Somos un conjunto de células.

Pero cada célula vibra

cuando somos dos.

Somos Tu y Yo.

Contaminándonos mutuamente.

Ensanchando nuestro mundo.

Fundiéndonos con el entorno.

Somos humanos.

Somos el Mundo.