Monday 12, opening of “Lacrime nella Pioggia” at Imparafacile Land in Second Life


Lacrime nella Pioggia in IMPARAFACILE Land, Madrid 2109 01

Lacrime nella Pioggia in IMPARAFACILE Land. Stage 02: Lacrime nella Pioggia (Madrid 2109), Fagment 16.

LACRIME NELLA PIOGGIA, New Media Art installation

Inspired in Tears in Rain, by Rosa Montero

It’s a pleasure to invite you to the official opening of Lacrime nella Pioggia, the summary version of my virtual art installation Tears in Rain, based in Rosa Montero’s book Tears in Rain, and that will count with the presence of Rosa Montero as her main character, Bruna Husky. It will be at IMPARAFACILE land, virtual space of the Italian readers group Libriamo Tutti in Second Life:

Preview on 27 October inside the Sanremo’s e-Book Festival
November 12, official opening at 21:00 h UTC (22:00 h Italy and Spain; 13:00 h Los Ángeles, USA, official Second Life time).
Landing Point

For information in-world, contact Simba Schumann or Maryhola McMillan.

Addicional information:

Baldini Lucia’s interpretation about my “Lacrime nella pioggia”


This gallery contains 8 photos.

They seem draws, but they are captures done inside the cyberspace by Baldini Lucia over my opera Lacrime nella Pioggia during its presentation in the Sanremo’s e-Book Festival.  Baldini plays with the colors, the filters, the atmosfera… achieving amazing results that … Continue reading

“Lacrime nella Pioggia” in the eyes of Alexandra Sheperd during the Sanremo’s e-Book Festival


This gallery contains 13 photos.

The following images are from Alexandra Sheperd, about my virtual installation “Lacrime nella Pioggia” during the event MIXED REALITY WOR(L)DS in the Sanremo’s e-Book Festival. Taken with care for the complicity with the public, Alexandra Sheperd become in some way the catcher … Continue reading

LAS MUJERES DE LA BAUHAUS: Portada del libro sobre la charla en el MKAC


LAS MUJERES DE LA BAUHAUS Portada del libro sobre la charla en el MKAC

LAS MUJERES DE LA BAUHAUS, Portada para el e-book sobre la charla en el MKAC. Inspirada en el logotipo original de la Bauhaus.
© noke 2010.