“Lacrime nella Pioggia” in the eyes of Alexandra Sheperd during the Sanremo’s e-Book Festival


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The following images are from Alexandra Sheperd, about my virtual installation “Lacrime nella Pioggia” during the event MIXED REALITY WOR(L)DS in the Sanremo’s e-Book Festival. Taken with care for the complicity with the public, Alexandra Sheperd become in some way the catcher … Continue reading

De lo complicado del amor


A muchos les devuelvo la esperanza y no sé cómo lo hago, pero en menos de un año, todos se echan novia (y no soy yo).

Airin James en Nacida para amar, blogger.

Lacrime nella pioggia - Bruna and Lizzard love

“Lacrime nella pioggia – Bruna and Lizzard love”.
Cyberspace photography, photo manipulation.
Photoshop CS5, Second Life’s camera.
© noke 2012

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The SandMan, Olimpia


After him–after him–why do you pause? Coppelius, Coppelius, has robbed me of my best automaton–a work of twenty years–body and soul set upon it–the clock-work–the speech–the walk, mine; the eyes stolen from you. The infernal rascal–after him; fetch Olympia–there you have the eyes!

The Sandman, E.T.A Hoffmann.

Olympia is one of the characters of the E.T.A Hoffmann’s tale The Sandman, a grotesque story written on the romanticism era about fear, madness, blind love and droids, but if you read closer you will see that it’s a complex analysis of the paper of the women in the society of that time, but also ours.

Olimpia is that prototype of unreal women desired by men, a droid that didn’t choose her path, but what will happen if she had the chance to choose?

Olimpia automata

“Olimpia automata” (The SandMan).
Mixed tech.: Draw & Photoshop
© noke, The SandMan 2010.

I made my version of this mysterious woman in 2010 for Illustration in Fine Arts, but also for the immersive intervention The SandMan in Second Life, that was exposed in the UWA challenge and in Arte Libera‘s virtual gallery. You can find more information about E.T.A Hoffmann’s tale and about this intervention in “Related articles”.

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Lelani Carver’s photos about Future Communities


#SL9B - Noke Yuitza

“Noke Yuitza’s strange and wonderful exhibit”, Lelani Carver.
Taken at DreamSeeker SL9B Nove (94, 92, 33)

Yoke Nuitza's build for #SL9B

“It’s a very strange community, but it’s interconnected, it shows different faces, and there’s order and randomness. I like it.”, Lelani Carver.
Taken at DreamSeeker SL9B Nove (45, 66, 22)