Miles Away (Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far)


Self-portrait, “Poetry & Emotions”.
Webcam documentary photography and photo manipulation.
Place: La Isla de la Salud (SEMFYC, Spanish Society of Community and Family Medicine, in Second Life).
© noke, 2009.

You always love me more, miles away

I hear it in your voice, we’re miles away

You’re not afraid to tell me, miles away

I guess we’re at our best when we’re miles away…

Madonna, Miles Away.

Comic Girl, which was my first exposure in virtual worlds, is the cycle of love and breaking and running through seven phases: the illusion in the beginning to meet someone special, the passionate infatuation, the love more quiet and lodged, the doubt, the pain, the rupture of the heart and soul into mile pieces just after the break and the personal growth that means this process. The alternating phases often are like a roller coaster, not always linear, so the images were displayed as an immersive collage that flooded the virtual museum MKAC, where it was exposed from February to April 2009.

I captured as an experiment in documentary photography the seven stages of this cycle with the help of my webcam while holding “miles away” talks with who was then my boyfriend, being near and far at the same time.

Thus was focused from the female point of view, which did not stop the men who visited her feel also identified and reflected. Because love knows no gender.


L’opposto e il completamento, by Giovanna Cerise



L’ OPPOSTO E IL SUO COMPLETAMENTO, di Giovanna Cerise (photo by Wizardoz Chrome).
Brera Academy in Secnd Life (Brera Academy, Mila, Italy).

Giovanna Cerise, musician an artist, presented L’opposto e il completamento during the project IMMERSIVE WORL(D)S at the space of the Brera Academy in Second Life (Academy of Fine art of Brera, Italy), an opera based  on the book Narciso e Boccadoro, by Herman Hesse.

TrisTE ITALIA, by Giulia De Marinis


trisTe Italia, opera di GIULIA DE MARINIS

trisTe Italia, opera di Giulia de Marinis (photo by Wizardoz Chrome).
Brera Academy in Second Life (Academy of Fine art of Brera, Italy)

Giulia De Marinis, another one of the artists of the project IMMERSIVE WORL(D)S at the space of the Brera Academy in Second Life (Academy of Fine art of Brera, Italy), presented TrisTE ITALIA, an opera based on Tetris game.

Tribute to Poe, by Nessuno Myoo


Tribute to Poe _ Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Second Life

Tribute to Poe, by NESSUNO MYOO (photo by Noke Yuitza).
Brera Academy in Secnd Life (Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan, Italy).

Nessuno Myoo, a torture-prim master, presented Tribute to Poe during the project IMMERSIVE WORL(D)S at the space of the Brera Academy in Second Life (Academy of Fine art of Brera, Italy), an opera based on the horror tale Il pozzo e il pendolo, by E.A. Poe.

Lacrime nella pioggia, opera by Noke Yuitza, captured by Wizardoz Chrome


This gallery contains 6 photos.

Lacrime nella pioggia, my immersive installation, captured by the eyes of photographer Wizardoz Chrome during the opening of IMMERSIVE WORL(D)S at the space of the Brera Academy in Second Life (Academy of Fine art of Brera, Italy). Click on the images to … Continue reading

Alien Humanity at UWA Centenary 3D Art challenge

Alien Humanity, by Noke Yuitza

“Alien Humanity”.
Photo manipulation and 3D design in virtual worlds.
Photoshop CS5, Second Life’s editor.
Concept, design and textures by myself (less original photographies of the faces and the textures of the ground and the sky).
© noke 2012

Alien Humanity artwork for the UWA Centenary 3D Art challenge it’s the conclusion part of a total of three immersive interventions concerned to our future evolution and the evolution of AIs (Artificial Intelligences) together with Future Communities (SL9B), the introduction part, and Lacrime nella Pioggia (Brera Accademy).

Inside an in-vitro conception between virtual and organic life mix, held by the trinity concept (organic, virtual and spiritual), Future Communities talks about the birth of a new community of transgenic human beings as a result of that one: the technohumans or replicants. Lacrime nella Pioggia follows, into one of those possible futures, the inner evolution and awakening of Bruna Husky, a replicant, in Madrid city on 2109. And Alien Humanity, inspired in a certain way in Mariko Mori‘s intervention Oneness, is concerned about what comes next, maybe at the end, that also can be a new bright beginning, closing the three parts with other in-vitro conception using in it an experiment based on empathy and mirror neurons to recreate in visitors a sense of calm and happiness.

All inspired by the book Tears in the Rain, by Rosa Montero, the anime Ghost in the Shell and Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner film.

VISIT ALIEN HUMANITY AT UWA Centenary 3D Art challenge HERE.

Murder, she wrote (Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong)


Murder, She Wrote (by noke)

“Murder, She Wrote”.
Drawing & photo manipulation.
Photoshop CS5.
© noke 2011.

What will you do if you became witness of a crime? It’s wrong or not to try to avoid the problem? If you had the opportunity to stop a murder, risking your own life, would you do it?

Murder, she wrote is my tribute to the mystery and detective culture and to those afternoons growing watching Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher, the mystery writer become into an amateur detective.

I’ve mixed photo, draw (it has a part of other of my artworks: The SandMan, Olimpia) and digital art on it. The witness observing the murder is lost in the yellow, the main color in the picture, because yellow color can be bright as the sun, but can also be the color of the disease and the shock… depends on the tone. The murder scene is inspired in the last scene of the game Tomb Raider Legend.

Yellow, the original version, just contained the witness observing and it was conceived as a gift to the virtual museum the MKAC for it’s III anniversary. I hope you like them!!
Click on the images to see them better and… comments are welcome! (And if you like them, let me know it please!)
Yellow - MKAC aniversario 2011 (noke yuitza)

“Yellow” – MKAC’s anniversary 2011.
© noke 2011

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth (Bloom soon little flower in the dark, by Noke)


Bloom soon little flower in the dark,

bloom soon to shine back to stars…

Fireflies will show you the path

to guide your petals to the moon bath…

“Bloom soon little flower in the dark” (eye on the left).Blender 2.65 (Cycles Render) and Photoshop.© noke 2012.

“Bloom soon little flower in the dark” (eye on the left).
Blender 2.65 (Cycles Render) and Photoshop.
© noke 2012.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple (Purple Doll, by Noke)


Purple Doll, by Noke

Purple Doll, by Noke. Blender 2.63, Cycles Render.
© Noke, 2012.

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