Tutsy Navarathna kicks off MachinimUWA II Entries!

A child and his tree companion, pull us into a strange and fascinating living virtual museum.
A new expression that urges us to create anew.
That speaks of an enduring search of love.

Tutsy Navarathna.

Filmed on Second Life at the University of Western Australia
Music: Alberto Iglesias
Actors: Kit Guardian and Tutsy Navarathna
Ent avatar skin : Papadapoulos Barzane
Filmed & edited by : Tutsy Navarathna

A wonderful entry by tutsy Navarathna and also starring Kit Guardian kicks off the entries to MachinimUWA II: Art of the Artists

A little more than a month out from the closing date 20th September, plenty of time for those still filming to include the August (Final) Month entries to the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge.

Wonderful to see so many of the artists featured in this including works by Glyph Graves, Jarapanda Snook, Igor Ballyhoo, Lea Supermarine, Rose Borchovski, Noke Yuitza, Nish Mip, Merlino Mayo, Silene Christen, Abstract Baroque, Eliza Wierwight, pravda Core, Anyunie Daviau, FreeWee Ling, Fuschia Nightfire, jeri Rahja, pol Jarvinen, Ichiko Miles, Gingered Alsop, Zola Zsun, Miso Susanowa, Sistagrlro Wei, kyra Roxan, Yabusaka Loon, Atomic Gaffer, Alizarin Goldflake, nessuno Myoo and Flivelwitz Alsop.

UWA in SL.


El Proceso Creativo

Future Sea Emotions Exhibit in Art Gallery Du Charson, Suisse, SL.

Qué es el proceso creativo? Es común para todos? En qué bases se asienta?

Silene Christen me entrevistó sobre este tema para el WordPress del Life Art Group en el siguiente link:

El Proceso Creativo: Noke Yuitza

El objetivo era “conocer como se desarrolla una obra, desde su concepción hasta su finalización”, tal y como dice S. Christen en Life Art, registrando el proceso creativo del artista. La obra elegida para esta entrevista fue Our World On Fire, hoy en día visitable en la Art Gallery Du Chardon, ubicada en el sim Suisse del metaverso Second Life.

Our World on Fire in movement.

Espero que os guste!