The SandMan at Arte Libera by Juanita Deharo

Artist, art critic, virtual builder, editor… Juanita Deharo  approaches art, science and her passion for books  to metaverse platforms. She’s specially interested in be a part of the reflection in global enviroment’s problems caused by humans. Recently, she visit our intervervention The SandMan at Arte Libera and wrote a fantastic art critique  about. Pol and I want to mercy her not only about the critique, but the incredible captures she took (we love specially the last one). Thank you so much Juanita!

If you want to read the critique she wrote and know a bit better this global con-science artist, here you have some links!

Syra and Simba as the 2 versions of Olimpia, the robot and the human, for The SandMan exhibit (picture by Noke Yuitza).



From Tuesday 7th  to the end of September

Arte Libera is particularly proud to hosts again the spanish artist Noke Yuitza, author di one of the best exhibit at the gipsy gallery in 2009: “Deep fire – Fuoco profondo”.
This time Noke presents a performance in cooperation with another great artist of the Metaverse: Pol Jarvinen. They sign an immersive exhibit ixpired to the Hoffmann tale’s “The Sandman” and to its ballet “Coppelia”. Noke and Pol choosed to performance this singular plot in 5 installations, like 5 acts of a piece of theatre, and the first chapter is hosted at Il Giardino di Arte Libera, particularly close to the poetry of this gothic and romantic author.
I’m happy to met Noke long time ago: I appreciated her instantly for her original and deep works and now I discover she has still grow as an artist. Her reading of this poem, particularly poetic and intense, invites us to enter in an avulsed dimention, for discovering in ourself something of the dreamer Nathaniel. The cooperation with Pol offers moreover a very precious value added. Pol’s lights, sounds and particles give to this art immersion a unique and unforgettable experience. I suggest you to read the whole Hoffmann’s tale (you can find a link at the end of the note) or, if you are too busy, at least the pieces choosen by Noke for this first stage (see note in attachment).
Good immersion

Simba Schumann

(By E.T.A. Hoffmann)*****

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