Future Communities


Future Communities by Noke Yuitza at SL9B

Future Communities by Noke Yuitza at SL9B


There’s a part of us that reminds into cyberspace while we are “AFK”, and that part grows breaded by social techs. It’s our “ghost” conforming our virtual community footprint, a new kind of human heritage. But, how is this going to evolve in the future?

Inside an in-vitro conception between virtual and organic life mix, held by the trinity concept (organic, virtual and spiritual), “Future Communities” talks about the birth of a new community of transgenic human beings as a result of that one: the technohumans or replicants.


The original concept of Future Communities is based on Lacrime nella piogia, the exhibit I’m preparing for Fine Arts Brera Academy project in SL about Tears in the Rain (the last book of the Spanish writer and journalist Rosa Montero), and inspired in the anime Ghost in the Shell. From Lágrimas en la Lluvia, Future Communities takes the idea of the technohumans, that is in certain way similar to Blade Runner replicants, and from Ghost in the Shell, the idea of the virtual “ghost”.

Where to visit?

By the moment, just inside Second Life during the SL9B celebrations in: